Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. – Matthew 8:24

As the crowds gathered, Jesus avoided them (Matthew 8:18).

A challenge awaited his followers. As they crossed the lake, a strong storm reared its head. No warnings. No chimes spoke their piece about changing winds. The National Weather Service did not issue a weather advisory. Storm sirens fell asleep. And so did Jesus—literally.

You can imagine the panic. The winds came out of nowhere; the waves yanked at the sides of the boat. I can picture myself in this story. Like Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I would be running around like a wild man. I would have pulled and tugged at whatever rope or device I could to make sure we didn’t sink.

The disciples probably tried everything, too. After they realized they’d exhausted their options, they turned to Jesus. They woke him up as a last resort. What are we like when disaster “suddenly” strikes? Do we immediately seek the Lord? Jesus admonished the disciples for their lack of faith and fear. He got up and told the storm to quit its fussing. The winds listened. Waves settled.

The disciples failed the test, and they learned a lesson: Jesus wasn’t an ordinary man.

He reversed sickness, evicted demons, and wrangled the tempest. Earlier in Matthew 8, there is the story of the Roman centurion. This man went straight to Jesus for the healing of his servant. Jesus performed long-distance healing because of the centurion’s faith.

We can seek security from any other person or thing, but they will not deliver. Jesus is able. All he asks of us is to trust him.


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