Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. – Matthew 5:5 

What are your positions of power? Maybe you are a parent raising your children, a middle manager guiding a team, or the head honcho calling the shots. 

Would the people you lead call you meek? 

We find ourselves upended in our roles of leadership whenever we put our station in life ahead of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Other translations of the Bible use “gentle” in Matthew 5:5, which comes from the Greek word meaning “mild; mildness in dealing with others.” The world is anything but mild. Turn on your TV: (insert news channel): debate and deliberate malice; click to (add reality show): control and manipulation. 

We, as Christ-followers, are called as beacons of hope in a dark world. Pursue meekness. People will notice. More than that, you will find peace within yourself and rewards from your Father. 

My wife, Savannah, and I rent a house on a horse ranch. Every so often, a few of the wildest among them jockey for recognition. Their nostrils flare; their cries pierce the calm. Boldly, they sprint through the fields. The strength of their hooves pounds the ground—the vibrations of their combined power gallops across the ranch. 

“…Pride comes from looking only at ourselves, meekness comes through looking at God.”

– Charles Allen 

Psalm 147:10 says that “His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of man.” God is not impressed with hot-headed showmanship. He is not amazed at plights of power. Micromanaging, blind irritation, impatient words, and unquenched anger are unfitting of His followers.  

Gentleness brings God joy. The meek are in His company. We must be broken and bridled by God to achieve meekness. 

And living a mild lifestyle does not mean putting yourself down, either. In his book, The Miracle of the Holy Spirit, Charles Allen says that “God never expects us to be less than we really are. …Self-belittlement is an insult to the God who made us. Meekness comes another way. …Pride comes from looking only at ourselves, meekness comes through looking at God.” 

The more we see God’s gentleness, the more we display a mild nature in our lives. How could we do anything less? When He forgives us, treats us kindly, and is patient with us, it only makes sense we would respond to others in the same way. We are weak. He is strong. God shows no favor to the proud, but He will bless those who in gentleness submit themselves to Him and to the service of those around them. 

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