Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure. Psalm 147:5 

Who is the strongest person you know? Does your mom lift boxes you could never pick up? Who is the smartest? Does your teacher amaze you with her knowledge? Now, what about God? How strong and smart is he? 

God hurls moons. The galaxies are His Minecraft creation. He created geometry, languages, writing, and he created you and me. Psalm 147:5 says God’s power and knowledge are infinite. Every morning we wake up and see the sun peek its head over the horizon. But God sees the sunsets on every planet in the universe. God never sleeps. He never stops thinking about us or caring for us.  

These are scary times, but our God is strong—the strongest. He’s smart—the smartest. It brings us great peace to think about the power and intelligence of our great God. When you feel afraid, ask him to remind you of his unmatched abilities. He’ll tell you something like this: “Look at the stars, I put each one of them in their place. Have you read about elephants? Blue whales? Titanosaurs? I made each of them, and they are super small! Why aren’t you floating right now? It’s because I hold gravity in its place. I also hold you in my arms.” 

Activity Ideas: 

  1. Research and compare the weights of elephants, blue whales, and a few titanosaurs. How does the fact these creatures are small to God make you see God differently? 
  2. Check out together. 
  3. Read Psalm 147 together and discuss what you’ve learned. 
  • A useful research tool is, which is a search engine that helps filter out inappropriate material. Keep in mind that no tool is perfect and that researching anything on the open web is best done with adult supervision. 


God, there is no one stronger or bigger than you. We may not know all the answers, but you do. You are never surprised and never unprepared. Thank you for how great you are. Thank you for taking care of us. 

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